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Cosmética natural y orgánica

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Cosmética natural y orgánica

The development of the natural and organic cosmetics sector is gaining more and more momentum around the world with a growth of approximately 8-10% per year.

According to the latest report by the consulting firm Grand View Research in 2025, it will reach $25.1 billion worldwide. In other words, it is expected to double its size in 10 years, since in 2015 it has been 10.160 million dollars.

In the European cosmetics markets, mostly saturated, there is a clear trend: a greater demand for natural and ecological products for personal care.

There has been a particularly rapid and dynamic development in the mature German market. According to initial projections, the higher market for natural and organic cosmetics is expected to grow at a slightly slower rate than in the previous year in terms of overall sales figures (5%), but considerably more units will be sold. In other words, there is great competition in mature markets, such as the German one, which continues and will continue to top the European rankings.

Along with Germany, the main European markets for natural cosmetics are France, Great Britain and Italy. In all of them, the level of competence and requirements for the penetration of a brand is very high. They usually apply for internationally recognized certifications, such as COSMOS. Certification, by the way, that I know very well.

The global trend in the cosmetics sector can be perfectly summarized with the term "Green and clean". According to market researchers, the drivers behind this positive international development are consumers. The consumer is now looking for softer and more natural products, have access to more sources of information and choose more consciously.

"Ethical and sustainability problems occupy priority positions when deciding," says industry expert Elfriede Dambacher, owner of the German consulting firm Naturkosmetik Konzepte, which also publishes the report on the natural cosmetics sector. Products must have a fair and credible database for this group of buyers and must not only be produced in a sustainable way, but also provide transparency throughout the entire value chain. According to Dambacher, the issue of cosmetic packaging is also increasingly important as a result of discussions related to ocean pollution through plastic waste. "Manufacturers and brands now have to meet the highest demands to satisfy customers," Dambacher explains.

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